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San Benedetto

Azienda Agricola dal 1826

Our story begins in 1826...

At that time the family Giannelli he also ran a small farm with vineyards, olive groves and livestock in the locality of San Benedetto. This property, called "podere Casaccia", which has been managed with the old system of sharecropping, until the early 60's, when the brothers Dario and Giuseppe, with their sons decided to buy the first piece of land. In 1975, precisely on this ground was built the first part of the cellar, with the name of the Farm Giannelli; the years go by and the company zoom in a little at a time, new vineyards, a winery largest and most modern equipment. Since 1998 the company takes the name of Azienda Agricola San Benedetto: Giovanni, Andrea and Marco are working with the same passion to produce wines of quality.

vino san benedetto

Our Wines

Every day, since we have memory, we commit ourselves to our work, to respect the bond we have with the earth, to value and care for it, with the awareness that the future lies in today's gestures and in the teachings of the past.

extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the most natural product that can be obtained, a real olive juice that transfers all the precious substances contained in the olives to the oil.

uva sangiovese

Wine Tasting

Come and visit us and discover the guided tours of the winery and the vineyards with tasting of our wines.


Our B&B is located in an area immersed in the quiet, in a panoramic location in the countryside of San Gimignano. "Capanna1826" is the newest agriturismo Azienda Agricola San Benedetto.

capanna 1826
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Discover the secrets of Tuscan cuisine with our Cooking Classes.

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